Monday, March 5, 2007


so things have been resolved with this land dispute. Although it has now been more than a week since we first hoped to meet with the chief, it has finally happened this morning. Chief Ali Marah is quite a young man. maybe in his 30's. We met with many members of CES/SIT and the new school board as well as representatives from the Loma Secondary school board. The first thing the chief said was that he was 'disappointed' in the Loma principals actions. "I done vex by you!" Both JK Sesay and Francis the Loma principal had a chance to speak. My Krio is now good enough that I followed the entire discussion, although I didn't contribute. Basically what the cheif said is, "it doesn't matter where the stakes are or what drawing says what. I am the chief and the custodian of the land and I whatever I say is the way its going to be." And so it is! We will stake out the property lines tomorrow and begin laying out the building (now a week and a half later). But we are all very happy and satisfied with the outcome. After all the rains are coming and we have to get going.


Yvonne said...

that is really great news!!! yay for the chief!! whatever he says goes... that is awesome!

Christina Groot said...

Thank God!! I pray God multiplies the work of your hands and that you would have great joy in it!

Please send my love to my daddy.

Christina Groot

beim said...

Totally sweet. Such a different culture; hard to imagine that as I sit here at my computer in Langley.

I tried telling Bev we were going to the "chief system" in our house. She totally agreed. Oops, I got to go, the Chief just told me I had to change a diaper.

Pimpy said...

Hey Asher,
It sounds like a typical chieftaincy in Sierra Leone, but hey, it a good news for us. I hope things are going well with you. Take care. “greet alman for me”(Krio).