Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The View above Kabala

Yesterday three of us climbed to the hill above Kabala. It would be a gorgeous view if not for the smoke in the air. It is a mixture of Harmatan (the dusts that often cloud the sky here) and smoke from brush fires. Nevertheless we could see the work going on on the school site. If you look you can see a large patch of grey which is about 1200 foundation blocks laying out in the sun to dry. It is good these preparations can continue while we settle the land issue. From the image you can see that Loma Secondary School has slowly had its land cut away because they have done nothing with it. So long as we can work it out peaceably so that all these institutions can work together I will be happy.


Justine Ann said...

very cool.

dbrouwer said...

interesting..hope the dispute gets sorted out soon. keep at it Asher.

beim said...

Give them hockey sticks and have them do shootouts until someone wins.