Monday, February 12, 2007

Design Developement

Due to our inability to get through the many rocks we have hit, the well construction continues and the design has progressed beyond a stage where the location of the well can dictate where the buildings should sit on the site. Nevertheless I hope that the well and the water tower can both become important parts of the design as we build and continue to make decisions even as the walls are going up. As it stands we have begun the FOURTH attempt at digging a well near the top of the site close to where the Red Cross were successful in digging their well.
The difference between design development and construction documents is not quite so big here as it is at home. These drawings will progress alongside the construction. I hope that what is built now will help us design for future phases of the project and come up with new ways to integrate further building on the campus into the surrounding community.
We are beginning to gather local building materials this week and will bring in most of the tools necessary for laying out and digging the foundations. We are looking forward to Norm Groot's arrival to coincide with the beginning on the real construction phase.

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