Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Message of Hope

Hey guys, finally got the video working!

This video only portrays a glimpse of the hope this school is giving these kids.
I can't even begin to describe what an incredible impact it made on my life to witness the tangible hope this school is bringing to this town. It is absolutely unbelievable that people who don't even send their kids to this school began crying & hugging me when they were told that I helped build CRC Primary. This school is changing more lives than we will ever be fully able to comprehend.
I am excited to see how far it will have come when I go back "home" in a couple years!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Sponsorships - Year Number Two

Just as we are nearing the end of another school year, so is the first year of CRC Primary Kabala coming to an end . The school year is officially over in the second week of July as the rainy season is in full bloom in the country and children will be away from school till the middle of September. The first year of operations has been very successful from a financial point of view. Though parents do pay fees to send their children to the school, and they pay somewhat higher fees to attend our partner school, in fact this falls far short of what it actually cost to successfully operate a school. On top of this challenge, we are paying teachers considerably more than their public school counterparts.

The funds that we raise do not follow one particular child. We have about 120 children in the school. Next year we will add Grade 5 raising the numbers to approximately 150. The school employs a principal, 4 certified teachers, several cooks to prepare the noon meal, day and night security, a maintenance person and an administrative assistant as well as a part time bookkeeper. The operational expenses include many of the same expenses that we have in our schools though the standard of living stretches those dollars much further. Your sponsorship will enable a child to go to school for a year at a school where things are very different from the norm. For $225 a child is getting an education that is really making a difference.