Friday, February 16, 2007


Finally!! You cannot believe how excited, relieved and surprised everyone is that the well diggers have finally hit water. At 5.5 meters the finally hit the water table. It being the dry season this is good because that will only increase throughout the year. Already today they have begun pouring the lining of the well (concrete between the dirt and an interior formwork) and after that is complete they will sink another three meters hopefully below the water level (pour free floating culverts that sink down as they dig deeper). Hopefully within two weeks we will have a fully functioning Inkar Hand pump to service all construction on the site. In the meantime we have a "bowsa" or water tank that we will have filled each day to supply the foundation block makers. Also today we have ordered twenty loads of sand to the site which will hopefully last us several months. On monday I plan to go to Freetown to purchase tools and organize for various non-local materials to be shipped to Kabala. By mid-week we hope to be laying out the foundations. Now I am off to Foria, a village 56 miles away or so where there is a big celebration for the Christian Reformed Church in Sierra Leone this weekend. Pray for safe travels on my first real test with the Honda!


beim said...

Amen! on the water, and traveling mercies on the trip. May it all go well.

Yvonne said...

yay water! That is so exciting! What an incredible blessing that will be on the entire project. I hope you have a fantastic weekend.

Avril said...

So glad to hear that you have hit water! Will those bricks they are making from the mud/clay really stand the test of time? How do you purify the water from the well? It looked kinda muddy(Just curious). I hope you have a safe trip on the Honda. Stay safe.

Love Steph

Joel Ringma said...

I've been following the water/well search with intrigue as I will preach on John 4 this week and the Samaritan Woman who became a well. It seems the thirst for water is "closer to the surface" in everyday life there. Here in NA, water comes out of a tap and other people, they can get there own d@mn water - what does that have to do with me? Glad to hear/read that you're doing well... don't forget to do up your chinstrap.

beim said...

I remember once Joel borrowed my car during lunch at FVC, and when it came back I could see the water on the road because the floor boards were completely destroyed.

Moral: Get your own d@mn car!