Wednesday, February 28, 2007

"Small Small"

This is the Krio term for little by little, or slowly. There are a few other meanings as well. But "small small" best describes how the work is going right now. We are waiting on the chiefs return to Kabala to pronounce judgement. We hope that it goes in our favour and it looks like it will. In our favour meaning that we get to retain the section of land where we were planning on starting our first foundations (the best location for squaring up the entire plan with the first foundations that are laid) and perhaps the addition of land to the property (thats us dreaming a little).
The well is sitting waiting for the interior culvert to dry. It is cast within the lining cylinder and once it is dry they will dig from underneath it to sink it three meters below where it is right now. This will start on friday and take a few days but we should have a working pump by a week today. I have learned to take such words with a grain of salt here though.
This last picture is about as close as you will get to a photograph of me because most of the pictures taken of me by other people have turned out far too fuzzy. Norm Groot and myself are heading to freetown to organize some last materials to prepare for the laying out which will now hopefully begin on saturday. Cement Mixer, Cement, Generator...

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