Friday, February 23, 2007

The Turn in the Road

having returned from the weekend in Foria, I left immediately on Monday morning for Freetown to purchase materials and tools. All of this was done relatively successfully despite some delays in getting back on time on Wednesday.
Norm has settled in well in Kabala and we have been looking forward to getting the construction moving. Yesterday was spent walking around the site with Norm, Mozel Pratt (contractor) and Myself discussing building techniques and methods for laying out. With the sloping topography of the site, the location of the foundations in the landscape and the grade changes are important to consider. So we had planned to start laying out lines for the trenching this morning after putting in permanent steel stakes at the corners of the site. We were however interrupted by the Principal of Loma Secondary School, who claimed that we were building on his schools property and we needed to stop until the dispute had been resolved. A wise decision. We have taken the matter to the paramount chief via his advisors. Hopefully this evening and tomorrow we will be able to work out the boundary dispute. The issue lies in that the old stakes for the property were covered by brush until recently when the site was burned. The cheif had had the land resurveyed and deeded this new school land into the property of Loma (I think intentionally becuase they have done no development of the school in 30+ years). But the principal is willing to work with us to come to a good resolution which will hopefully see us retaining the land set out in the chiefs recent survey. All of these communities love to see such new development that will benefit their people.
As to the construction of the well. It has continued and the lining of the well is completed including the cover slab. Tomorrow they will start pouring the culverts, and early next week begin sinking the culvert down below the water level. If all goes smoothly we will have a working pump only a few days after we have begun the making of the foundation blocks and the pouring of the footings.


kevin said...

Hey Asher,
It looks like you are having a great time in Kabala. It's hard to imagine how different the world must seem from such a perspective. It sounds like the project is really coming along. best of luck with the school!

Kristen said...

Can you pass along a message to my dad? Can you tell him I miss him and that I'm sorry I never got to say goodbye on the phone - it was busy!!! Ugggh. Anyways, I'm glad things are going well for you guys up there. Keep up the solid work!!!

Wil said...

Awesome to read about the water! It doesn't sound like there are any title companies in Kabala. I hope there is resolution soon so construction can start before Norm is scheduled to return home. Please give him a hug and say hi from the group in Ferndale. As a motorcycle enthusiast, I enjoyed reading about your "road" trip.


Dennis said...

Dear Asher,
We have felt that crimp in the heart when you make that turn in road. Excited for what the week will bring. Laying foundations for the school building will be laying more than that. Foundations of friendship, foundations for a Christian education. Blessings for this important week.

Mom and Dad

Nancy said...

There are always many surprises on this continent eh? I discover this day by day in Mozambique also. But, the slower pace and turns in the road allow much more opportunity for relationships and connections which it sounds like you are making the most of. It's the African people that have stolen my heart more than anything. Blessings and prayers from your southern neighbour in Mozambique. I love hearing of the progress and share in your excitement.