Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Asha! Asha! Asha!

Dennis writing on the blog today. Pretty exciting to be out on the school site with Asher and James first thing this morning. The crew was just rolling in and obviously very proud of what they had managed to achieve in the few days that Asher was away in Freetown. I must say it was an emotional moment for me to see that what has been dreamed together is actually starting to take shape here on the ground. You can stand and without much difficulty can imagine that soon you will hear school children singing on the school grounds before the day begins.
I met JT Koroma last night late when we pulled in from the airport at 1.30 am. What a treasure the community has in this man. We had the opportunity this morning to walk around the site together and I believe that he too is imagining himself the headteacher of this fledgling Christian school in Kabala. He has much experience, deep faith and the heart of a teacher. We are blessed. We talked for some time about what must happen next. We will meet on Friday with the SMC, the school Management Committee and do some planning together, talk about mission, about a realistic timeline, about relationship with the ministry of education and the myriad other things that will go into a September start if that is possible. We are planning as if it will and moving forward in that direction.
Everyone here at CES/SIT are so pleased with the work that Asher has been able to do. All I hear wherever we go is Asha! Asha! Asha!.. Well loved to be sure.
We are also planning a strategic planning session for some time next week; a couple of days of dreaming together about the future.
What can I say but that my heart is full!. The Spirit of God has been moving well ahead of us. The work of Paul and Mary for so many years, the work of CES deep in the heart of this place, are all part of the rich soil in which this school is being planted. It is humbling for us as Surrey Christian School and Fraser Valley Christian High School to be called to this partnership. May we be found faithful.



dbrouwer said...

sweet news...it's looking great so far. Glad to hear you got their safely Mr.Degroot. keeping you in our prayers

airam said...

amazing to see it all coming together!

Mud On His Shoes said...

Hi dad and Asha
what is the little deer/dog/pig/animal in the picture?

Rueben said...

Is that a deer crossed with a volkswagon?

Asher deGroot said...

Its called a Freetambo. I think thats a mix between Freetown and Bo, which are the two biggest cities in Sierra Leone. Why this little dear/hare is called that I don't know, neither does anyone else

beim said...

Oense, so good to read your post. Hope all is well. Sounds like big dreams and big vision, and the reality of a building to spur it along. Looking forward to sending Gino out on April 4.