Tuesday, March 13, 2007

from the ground

Like I said before, one Mango had to come down to make way for the new school hall. The night before we had to burn out the current residents of the tree trunk, a huge nest of bees, to make the felling a little safer the next day. So as Norm was cutting down the tree, many guys stood around with arms up inside the tree trunk licking the honey from the inside. Nothing goes to waste and there is half a pail of honey sitting in the store right now, ready for cleaning. In a few days we hope to be ready to lay out the hall.

We began pouring the footings today, first laying in "ball stones" to fill the trench and then stepping the footings to grade with foundation blocks. By tomorrow we hope to have started laying some block. They have also bent steel and tied the wires for about a quarter of the columns we will need. These will be placed and leveled before the footings are completed. Things move fast when there is materials available. The mixer works like a charm and will save an immense amount of work as well.
I can tell the excitement is building in the community with many people from CES/SIT making periodic visits to see how work is going, and all the neighbours coming by to comment "ee fine school oh"


Wil said...

Asher, I'm sure Norm will have some stories to tell when he gets back. We look forward to hearing them! I've been following the progress and am really happy to see that building has started before Norm leaves. I'm glad you got a shot of Norm with the chainsaw. He was pretty proud to be taking that with him!

Anyway, you don't know me but I look and sound like Norm's wife. Please say hi to Norm and wish him a safe trip home from Rick, Wil and the nephews.

I'm amazed you got back on the bike after the crash. That had to be tough! I trust you're doing better!

Take care,

beim said...

Asher, lots of excitement here to as Oense gets ready to leave. We got Gino's tickets today and sent the visa work today as well. I think Hans and Gino will cross paths in London and go from there. I am very jealous but so excited for them and you. You will have a nice stream of visitors and co-workers. Keep up the postings, this is the closet I've ever felt to this project.

Dennis said...

Dear Asher,

Sitting here at the computer with a scattering of hammers, tape measures, clothing, books, cameras, in preparation for leaving. I'm excited to see you, be in Kabala again and to see the progress of the school. So wonderful that Norm could be there.


Kristen said...

Hey asher, glad things are going well over there still. Thanks for relaying messages to my dad for me. Hopefully he didn't bug you too much ;) Thanks for updating, it's awesome to see what's going on somewhere that's so far away from us and so hard to imagine. It's nice to get some insight. Hope you're healing well too!