Monday, March 26, 2007

growing up in kabala

Many of you will recognize that face in the first picture. Nyima Koroma is growing fast and slowly getting over her fear of us. She stared at my Dad with big eyes but no tears like last time. It is exciting to think of the possibilities for her life with this new school going up.
At the SMC meeting on friday we decided to start with class 1-4 for the first year, still heading for a start date in september. It puts some pressure on the building but it will be motivation to keep things moving before rainy season. Today the crews have begun backfilling by hand. I think they were inspired by the children who worked so hard on the weekend, and realized that there previous hesitations and cals for a tipper truck were put to shame by these kids. So hopefully in a few days the first slabs will be started.
It is a relief for me not to have to take pictures all the time with my Dad here. So here is a picture of me with one of my adopted families - the Sesays. Actually only four of these kids are Kumba and Joseph's children while the rest are cousins and relatives who they generously take care of because they have lost family members, or their families live and work in the outlying villages. I am always invited over for "chop" (food) to various homes almost every day of the week, Sesays, Marahs, Momohs, Kargbos.
Finally, I am excited to say that I believe I have helped to set up the first wireless internet connection in Kabalatown! This town also is growing up! My Dad brought over a wireless router which now serves the CES and SIT offices here at Kawusu House. I am hoping that it will be able to serve their needs and those of the many visitors passing through the office, as well as other people working with NGOs here in Kabala. With some maintenance the office may be able to set up its own Internet cafe in the downstairs (my office). It is amazing to see the more rapid changes that are taking place in Kabala in the last months. Only 10 months ago there was no cellular network, now there are approximately 6 towers. No wireless... wireless. There is construction all over the town. I think that development and reconstruction has reached a critical stage after the war where people are finding the funds and desire to rebuild homes, schools, hospitals. It is an exciting time for the district of Koinadugu and the country of Sierra Leone.


dbrouwer said...

I can see the resemblance to Pimpy in a few of them.

beim said...

Hey guys, hope all is well. We are meeting with Jenny, Soph, Mike, Gino et al tomorrow night to go over things. Showing some powerpoint in church on Sunday and the collection will be for the school. Hope all is well, the blog has been a lifeline; good writing and good pics.

One thing though--is it me or is Oense actually wearing shorts in one of those pics? Will pay good money to see a pic of those white sticks in Africa.

kevin and maryjoan said...

Greetings Asher and Dennis!
We are sooo excited to read and see all the progress that has been made so far. Great job on keeping us all updated too with the work there and we can see the heart and dedication that the people have for their Christian school. Camryn was so excited to see that picture of "ima" (as she calls her) and how much she has grown since the last photos of her. Did she like her Bible? Anyways...only a few days left til you return Dennis and we wish you God's blessings on your journey home and we look forward to hearing stories and seeing more photos. are doing such great work there! What a blessing you are to that community as well as we're sure you are feeling blessed by them too. By the way...for the last month or so, Ethan has been saying he wants to grow his hair like yours. So you are being fondly remembered by the little people of our household.
Take care and God bless,
Kevin and Mary Joan

kevin and maryjoan said...

Good morning in our part of the world!

The kids just asked if they can check out Asher's blog (can't believe Brandon already knows how to do that) before they get ready for school. They also wanted to say hi to you and Uncle "Hi Asher and Uncle Dennis!" Camryn also wanted to see the picure of "iyma" again. So we enlarged it for her and as she smiles she states how she is getting bigger like her and "ahhh...she's so cute hey mama" and then says "look mom, she's wearing the jeans we gave her (and how excited she was that it was finally fitting her). I asked her how she knew that and she mentioned b/c of the two pockets on the front of the legs of the jeans. Wow, what memory! Then we also recognized the shirt she was just thrilled! The kids continually pray for "iyma" and are excited that she too will soon be able to go to a Christian school.

Now time for us to get ready for school...Have a blessed day and a Holy week as we reflect once again the Easter season and what that means to each of us.

MJ and kids (Brandon, Ethan & Camryn)