Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Meeting Grandma and the Chief

We went two hours south this morning early to meet up with Jeremy, Valda and Benjamin Kabia's grandmother, great-grandfather, uncles, aunts and cousins in the town of Makeni. In fact the great grandfather is a Temne Chief, Pa Koyo. We had a wonderful time of talking and visiting together. Mrs Kadiatu Kabia is very happy to be back in her home community, surrounded by children and people she knows.
We also met up with Karefa Jalloh, a former evangelist with CES, now studying at the teacher college. From there it was some errands of buying wheelbarrows, and wood preserver, and back two hours to Kabala. On the site, two of the classrooms are being filled with rock in readiness for the slab to be poured. We're making good progress.

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Oliver said...

Amazing work ash et all. keep it up!