Tuesday, March 6, 2007

merely a flesh wound!

So I guess all good things must come to an end. I have never had any accidents driving a car, or now driving a motorbike...But... yesterday afternoon I took a spill on my bike. In fact, it would be more correct to say that I was hit by an animal on the road. I was heading home and a sheep came out into the road. I did my best to avoid it but couldn't. It didn't die instantly but I think someone put it out of its misery. The bike made it out alright, minus a scrape to the fender and the alignment needs fixing. Probably because my right leg and shoulder took most of the impact. My knee and elbow are cut open, and there is gonna be some serious bruising on my upper arm and lower leg. But nothing broken and I am walking around and riding again, although I am a bit stiff and will be watching out for more animals on the road. I drove from the crash to the hospital with the handlebars totally out of wack. I think everyone from the CES/SIT office heard something about it and were searching all over creation for me. Fortunately someone at the accident called joseph jawara immediately so he came quickly. And everyone was very helpful and sorry about the accident. Anyhow. A bit of pain for the next little while but nothing to serious.

And besides, how can I complain when things are starting to progress with the school. The lines have fallen for us in pleasant places. This morning they are staking out the site and beginning to lay out the first building from which we will square off the rest of the buildings to come.


Oliver said...

Asher man,

Good to hear things are going your way. I'm super excited to see how things go with you, just be sure to take er easy on the bike. We need you to be able to play some footie when we all get back! Take care,

beim said...

So glad you are okay. Lots of excitement here about the project! I told Oense today that I wished I was there to be part of the action. We pray for you everyday at supper with the girls.

P.S. I don't know who "Pimpy" is (comment on last post), but that name is now on my all time favorite

Yvonne said...

thank goodness you're alright.. you crazy driver!! i guess there were no Sheep crossing signs. take care of yourself Asher.

dbrouwer said...

nice work Asher, glad to hear the bike is okay...and you of course. Gabe was talking about it today. Keep up the good work man.

Beims- "Pimpy" is a guy who attends King's - Pimpy Sesay. His dad,(from what I've read in Asher's previous post, his name is JK Sesay) is working with Asher. And I'll agree with you on the sweet name.

Asher deGroot said...

just so you don't get all worried!... the purple stuff is called Gin-something violet. Its a cureall that they say helps with bruising. It is a really powerful dye. Personally I think that it merely dyes the skin purple until after the bruise would have been gone anyways so you never actually see the bruise! The pictures just look better than with my leg all cut up and bleeding. Norm can vouch for the severity.

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