Wednesday, July 2, 2008

School in the Rainy Season

Another day at CRC Primary School Kabala. Things are well here at school and we are well also. It rained all night, heavily but as we walked to school the last showers were ending and the sun was coming out on a beautiful day here surrounded by the hills in Kabala Sierra Leone. The day was spent in organizing some of the materials that we were able to bring, reading stories to the children, and sitting with JT to organize an agenda for the School Management committee and to talk together about the future of the school, next year’s budget and the many other details of good things happening here that he is so eager to share. The district education inspector came and was full of praise for the school and is holding it up as a model for the community. He wants to invite government representatives to come and see it. He was also full of praise for JT the Headmaster and the quality of teaching going on. But it continues to strike us so profoundly that life is hard here. Nothing comes easy and poverty is very complex. We saw little Nyima last night; still shy and beautiful. Her mom was in a great deal of pain from a foot injury and infection. Quite worrisome. Please pray for these wonderful and resilient people.

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Anonymous said...

the prayers are flowing for this place.