Friday, July 4, 2008

Oh Can it Rain

Last night we had a terrific lightning show. The whole sky lit up for seconds at a time and then torrential rains. The whole day was beautiful; a day of connecting with JT and the staff, visiting with children in classes for stories and lots of laughter and excitment. What a treat to be here. We feel much welcomed and honored. Last night a feast for us hosted by Johanna Kuyvenhoven. The whole thing cost a sacrificial goat and a lot of rice. Singing, dancing and lovely speeches and stories. This school means so much in this community, so much so that it is difficult to put into words. We are ready for a bit of down time. We have been working through some budget questions and preparing for the SMC meeting on Monday. There much to do and think about and both of us lie at night with our heads swimming with questions, possibilities and thoughts. But all is well and the plans are being laid to end this school year and plan for the next.

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