Friday, July 11, 2008

School Closing

We were greeted by good news today when we opened emails. Lots of reason for thanks as it seems that healing is happening for the Struyk boys. Our hearts and prayers remain with them. We are eager to share with our friends what all of this praying around the world is doing. God is good.

We had our last official day at school today. We had a three hour meeting of the CTA, the Community and Teachers Association. Very good to see a crowd of teachers. We were able to share our vision for Christian education. Jenny talked about the good things that are happening in the classrooms here. The parents are so pleased with what they see happening here. I was very humbled by these beautiful and grateful people. This means so much and they are so full of hope.

Monday they will hand out report cards (grey sheets) and celebrate July birthdays. Jenny went to Senakadugu on the back of a motor bike with Kumba this afternoon and I had a meeting with JT and the security and maintenance staff. We also had a bit of down time with JT this afternoon. What an amazing guy. I can't imagine that we could have had a better principal. There are many things to think about for the future and many things to discuss when we get back, but I must say that we are really pleased with what was accomplished so far this year. There needs to be continual discussion about sustainability and long term ownership. There is a deep desire to make that happen but complex given the depth of poverty in this part of the world. As they say here, "small, small." Little by little. These things are not in our hands.

We are looking for a bit of a break. I am preaching Sunday and still need to do some work on the sermon. There is a school for the blind that we want to see as well. Too much to do. We leave Tuesday morning for Freetown.

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