Saturday, July 5, 2008

Council Election Day in Kabala

It is a rather quiet Saturday in Kabala today. We walked to the market this morning and it was not the usual bustle that Kabala experiences on a Saturday. It is election day in SL for council positions, sort of like electing members of parliament in Canada. There is a larger than usual presence of policemen and observers and also a number of military police added in for show. A little strange to see people carrying automatic weapons in the open. We then walked to JT, the Headmaster's place to see where he lives and visit for a while. Then to the tailor for some measurements and then home again. We are enjoying a bit of a slower pace today. The week was busy and so will next be. We begin with an important school board meeting Monday. Lots on the agenda. It was another wet rainy night and there are lots of muddy puddles to jump but we are getting around and have the use of one of the 4X4's which helps. We are off to a soccer game.

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