Monday, July 7, 2008

A Day of Meetings

Today we held a meeting of the SMC, the school management committee or school board as it is called here. This means calling people from their regular jobs for a full day of meetings. It went very well and we accomplished much. They ask good questions and give a lot of good advice and direction to JT the principal. We did some planning for the future as well as reviewing what seems to have been a very successful first year. There will be a meeting with the parents this Friday and then they will come back on Monday to receive their children's report cards. And unlike us it seems the new year gets started pretty quick with new registrations and exams for potential new students. This will determine whether or not they get accepted or at what grade level.

Sunday was a wonderful day of worshiping with this community. John had an exellent sermon about the man at the pool of Siloam. He does such a great job of preaching and doing development work at the same time. One reason the man did not get into the pool to be healed is that in 38 years he has not moved himself any closer to the edge. There is a lesson there. We got to church at 9.30 for Sunday school and didn't get home till 1.30. We did some lazing around before dinner and then went to watch a football game. The team, all in blue, due to Jordan's donation of jerseys. They looked sharp and played to a 0 0 draw.

Jenny spent most of her time in the classes today working on bookmarks for the students from Surrey Christian School. They were thrilled to receive the ones from their partners in SCS.

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