Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Canada Day In Kabala

Our hearts are full!! What else can we say except that we are humbled to see this thing that has come together so wonderfully in this beautiful part of world. We were greeted yesterday noon by a mob of 120 children in blue and pink who had heard that we were on our way and would greet them before the school day ended. We left Freetown at 6.30 am in the morning and headed up north as the rainy season made itself felt; downpours at times and the road ahead a stream of red water 6 inches deep and 20 feet wide. The sun broke through now and again and we are falling under the spell of this tropical rain forest once again.

The children sang their hearts out for us and gave us a spirited and lively display of all the things they are learning. They seem so proud to be students at this school and though I had my doubts about the pink and blue I must say it really stands out. This morning as we made our way to school we could spot them coming from the various lanes and paths toward CRC Primary. The school seems to be the only one that is seriously in session and JT and the staff are determined that their students will do well on the year end tests. So great for us to see them as well even though the regular classes have stopped. We will have lots of opportunity to be with them.

Everyone wants to extend warmest greetings to Kabala Team #1, Jordan, Hannah, Chrissy, Evelyn, Melanie and Leah. They loved all the pictures and cards and are greatful that you remembered them. Everyone is asking about you and about Asher. There are still guys here from the construction crews who want to know about Gino and Hans. The friendships that are growing here are by far the best gift to us all. There is such a sense of pride and amazement about the school.

This morning we had to stand on the flag podium as the Canadian and Sierra Leonian flags were raised and anthems sung. Quite wonderful on this Canada Day to see children singing about the country they love. And to have them sing their hearts out on the Canadian anthem as well. To think about what these children could mean for SL is quite overwhelming. God keep this Land, glorious and free. May He stand guard over it, always.


one said...

Thanks for the update...sounds amazing! Thinking of you guys often! MN

kevin and maryjoan said...

So glad that you arrived safely and your hearts are filled with joy! We look forward to many more updates and the experiences you will be journeying through while you are there! Blessings!

Mallie said...

Aw say hi to Nyima and JK and the family and everyone else too.
I am a little suprised to hear that they remembered the Canadian anthem but at least our hard work teaching them paid off!
Praying continually for the school and community. It warms my heart to hear how excited these kids are. God obviously is working in this place. Ala Tanto!

Anonymous said...

So glad that you are able to see the school in action! It is quite an experience watching the kids sing :) Reading this makes me want to go back! Please send my warmest greeting to Rev. John and the Sesay family.

Krissi B said...

Aw wow! I miss everyone so much!
I'm glad they remembered O Canada...I wonder if they remember Kumbaya?
Say hi to everyone for me!
God Bless you guys as you continue to spread God's love throughout your visit!