Thursday, July 10, 2008

Prayers for Cal and Anita and Their Boys

We answered our emails with some rather shocking news yesterday. Jenny's sister Anita and husband Cal and their four children were in a serious accident on their return trip from Vancouver to Terrace. Cal, Anita and Eryn are doing OK but the boys Tyler, Nathan and Jonas sustained more serious injury and were flown to Children's Hospital in Vancouver. We are most worried about Jonas who has some serious head and neck injuries. The two older boys are awaiting some surgery. Kabala feels like a great distance from Vancouver today. The teachers and children were gathered for prayer yesterday and I can't imagine a more passionate room of praying hearts. Please hold this family in your prayer and pray for complete recovery.

Otherwise we are well. School closes tomorrow. Today we will spend some time at the clinic to do some preperatory work for Adrienne who will work there. There will be a meeting of parents tomorrow and then year one will come to a close. It is very encouraging to see the this is the only school in session in Kabala. They are taking this task very seriously and we see the noticeable difference that it is making.


Maputobound said...

I know very well the feeling of being so far from home when these things happen. I'll really be praying. It's wonderful to read all the updates on the work in Kabala. May the Lord continue to anoint and strengthen you for the work left during your trip. Nancy

Gramma Sue said...

A hug to you from so far away. I gasped aloud when I read of Anita's family. Prayers go out for all of you, travels near and far. God keep us all.

kevin and maryjoan said...

We're praying for full recovery for Cal, Anita, and the boys. May they feel His healing touch and comfort during this difficult time.

However, it has been great hearing the exciting updates you've shared so far! The Lord has sure been working in that school and will continue to do so as it prepares for another year. Blessings!

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