Monday, January 7, 2008

small blessings, big blessings

They chant that this is the CRC Primary a very "powerful" school as they march to the classrooms. Being the first day back the classes are still lacking students, but by tomorrow they will be full again. This is partly for the promise that I will "snap them all, na one one" (by themselves)! The Class 1 students are rascals but apparently they are doing so well. Some very inquisitive and brilliant children in all the classes. It was hard to express (to the children or to you) what it is like to see them occupying these buildings that I helped to bring about. I guess each person who has given to the project in different ways sees the fulfillment of their commitments every day in various parts of the school.
To the children of Surrey Christian School, the kids here are so excited to have receive letters from you and are looking forward to making drawings and letters to send back to you. They really see their partners in Canada and the U.S. as true friends for you committment to them.
There is still plenty to be improved and bring the school up to its full potential. These are things that the school staff, myself and others will be working on throughout this new year. Plans to finish what has begun, and to dream dreams for the future development.
The school field is being enlarged in both directions. Generous gifts have made possible the erection of goal posts, flag poles and some other sports equipment for the school. These efforts will be undertaken in the next weeks. There are four 'houses' that will be created in the new year for these sporting events. Orange, Red, Green, and Blue. They have also been given names - as yet undisclosed. (similar to my AD Stars - so the patrons of the houses will need to be asked for their acceptance).
Speaking of the AD Stars - I have not yet seen them play but I have heard good things about their play. They have registered with the district office (among about 20 other teams) and will therefor be informed of all 'galas' that are being played. At the same time, I realize that when the odd scrap breaks out (and I shouldn't say 'odd' because it happens all the time) the AD on the jersey refers to me and reflects on me. So I am making sure that the conduct of the players will continue to be worthy of the jersey, even at the cost of a few games. There were many village to village competitions over the holidays. Unfortunately most of whatI heard about any of them was how they ended in big disputes, scraps, or brawls. What can I say, they take football seriously!

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beim said...

Asha, good to read about all these things! One day I want to see the AD All Stars play. Also thinking of you in these days, that all things may be well for you and the family.