Thursday, January 10, 2008


I need to extend so many greetings to all the partners of this project on the other side of the ocean in Canada the US and elsewhere. Students and teachers continually express their sincere thanks and prayers for all of you. There are still some significant things to be done to complete the school as it exists right now. A temporary kitchen will be built in the next weeks to begin the food program. The latrines will also be begun again. In addition there is still furniture to be built and some finishing work to be done.
Yesterday I met with the Paramount Chief to give greetings and present him with a map of the town. While he expressed his thanks, he also presented a challenge. To begin a primary school that has high standards and then let those children go back into the existing secondary schools would be a futile endeavour. So he has given a challenge to us to be able to build a secondary school for those children to complete their schooling in. And he is willing to provide the necessary land for us to be able to do so. He is one of many people here who have also invested themselves and their children in this. The school truly has the ability to make a difference in the district and in the country.


Yvonne said...

along with this project.. a secondary school would be another amazing accomplishment!! it's a very encouraging thought.
i hope the rest of your trip is fantastic Asher...

Maria said...

Great to see some new picture of classes in session