Friday, January 4, 2008

relearning what it means to go "small small"

so while I had ambitious plans to have many things done by this weekend and relax a bit next week that will not happen! I guess that because I am missing a week of school this coming week I should really be working hard then anyway. So much to think about and try coordinate and people to meet with! Today I am travelling to Mapaki to meet with some fellow canadians doing some amazing work there with organizations called Centre for Peace and Development and also Peaceful Schools International. Carolyn VanGurp has helped to set up the first remote village internet connection in Sierra Leone (solar powered). I am excited to see their work and learn from it together.
The pictures are from New Years and one from an evening spent playing around with a flashlight on my phone and my camera. Kabala is slowly emptying of people from the new years celebrations. Things will return to their normal pace on monday. I am also feeling like I have been here longer than 5 days!

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Swallowfield said...

Dear Asher, good to read updates, better even to hear your voice!! A light show to rival the Phillipines or the Festival of Lights.
Praying that you stay motorbike accidents, no boils!! Love you