Tuesday, January 8, 2008

meetings and more meetings

trying to wrap things up here in Kabala with a few days left. Had a productive meeting with the School management committee. Also managed to 'snap' all the children present at school today! Not individually like they had wanted but it was a hastle enough as it was. Trying to get kids to 'laugh small' so we wouldn't see the usually somber expressions for the camera. The girl on the right has a brilliant smile... this is as much as I could get. The clearing of the field is coming along very well. Tomorrow I will hopefully do more particular measurements of the site for topography etc. to help with my Thesis design work.
Sorry for the small (and fuzzy) pictures. My normal photo editing programs are down, along with many other computer functions (any mac help for "carbon library" problems??)

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Swallowfield said...

It’s good to see new pictures again of the school, the children and the teachers. We’re excited to hear that they enjoyed our cards and we look forward to hearing back some day. We’d also like to view LOTS of pictures, so snap away! Please pass along our greetings once again.
God bless, Asher.

Evelyn Bouwman
Surrey Christian School.