Monday, September 3, 2007


Below is a message from Reverend John Phiri of the CRC in Kabala, sent to me this morning.
Dear Aasher and Dennis,
Greetings to you. May God bless you always.
The Hollaars are now on their way to Kabala with Joseph. Thank God for their safe journey.
All classrooms are now floored including the administration and the corridors. The white wash is being put and furniture being made. Will take a few shots today and will send them tomorrow by God's power.
Greetings to all who are supporting the work in all forms.
There has been some concern in the past week over excalating violence running up to the second election. Police were using tear gas in Freetown. All sides were calling for peace and quiet. Only yesterday the two candidates decided they will hold a joint rally, riding in the same vehicle through their supporters. Both parties were also advised by outgoing president Tejan Kabbah to distance themselves from ex-combatants of the civil war. Voting is scheduled for saturday.
Kabala is relatively free from the tribal conflicts associated with the ruling parties. We hope Lee and Ilean arrive safely this evening and can begin meeting people and starting some important work. The headmaster JT is here showing off the new uniforms. I was a part of this most interesting colour discussion!!

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