Wednesday, August 29, 2007


On Friday of this week Lee and Ilean Hollaar are leaving for Sierra Leone to begin over a month of work with the new faculty and staff at the CRC primary school kabala. They are looking forward to the experience and will be bearing gifts to the school from communities here in Canada.
Lee and Ilean will arrive a week prior to Presidential Runoff elections. The opposition party has already won a majority of seats in the cabinet. APC leader Ernst Bai Koroma and SLPP current vice-president Solomon Berewa will face a second round of polls on September 8. Koroma lead in the first round but without enough to win the presidency directly. Thus far there have been few incedents of violence, and we all hope that peace will prevail and the outgoing government and supporters will go quietly.
When the Hollaars arrive in Kabala, they will be adding updates and photographs to the blog. They will celebrate the school opening and the first children filling the classrooms!

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