Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Almost Ready...

The election is over. A winner has been declared. The new President has been installed. In a country without a history of democratic changes, this is big news. So now hopefully, schools will begin next week across the country.
The Christian school in Kabala is almost ready. Teachers are planning for the excitement of the first day. The building looks great. The desks have been made. Some supplies are still missing. But school will begin. Shortly students will be standing in the school yard in their new uniforms. The national anthem will be sung along with "Good Morning, Jesus; Good Morning, Lord." Students will then go to their classrooms and teachers will begin the Good News of Jesus Christ in the classrooms beginning with a study of God's action in the world by creating and sustaining His world.
Meanwhile, time is moving along so fast here. We regret that we have only about a week and a half left here. What an exciting time to be here.
Continue to pray for this new venture here.
Ilean and Lee

Here is an excerpt from a great SL news website concerning the recent changeover displayed under a photo of the incoming and outgoing Presidents and VPs standing together. "The picture that should make all Sierra Leoneans weep with joy and pride. After all the rancour of electioneering campaign : From left : President Ernest Koroma, former Vice-President Solomon Berewa , the new VP , Sam Sumana and the outgoing VP , Momodu Koroma . Credit : APC website" (
We have abused each other enough .We have flung accusations at each other enough . .We have fought each other to a standstill, thankfully with words. In many ways than one, we have done our best and our worst ( All in the name of democracy ) , but now the elections are over. A new President has been elected and now we must go back to the serious and noble task of national reconciliation and national reconstruction

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