Thursday, September 20, 2007

a Wednesday Start...

The planned opening for school is set for Wednesday of next week. This means that Lee and Ilean will be there to see the ceremony. Much celebration in Kabala for this new school. Much like the woman in the photo celebrating the APC election triumph! Blackboards are nearly ready. Apparently the Paramount Chief Ali Marah will also be sending his children to the school!! Quite a show of support for this new school.

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Swallowfield said...

This opening day has been a long time coming and yet it was only late January that Asher arrived and the work began.
Our new school dedication is wednesday as well. Similarities but many more contrasts. I need the reminder when we have so much and take so much more for granted....and even dare to complain about what's not quite right!!!
A blessing that you are there, Lee and Ilean. There are many who would have loved to join you but will be there with our thoughts and prayers.