Sunday, January 21, 2007

I am looking forward to april when there will be construction on the site and the mango will be in full season.


Dennis said...

The tree at the centre of the building site certainly is a powerful symbol. You wrote on a card a few weeks ago, "the large mango on the property where soon there will be a new Christian school for the children of Kabala is a picutre of the faithfulneess of God, the generosity of His people and the hope for a day when the world will be at peace and the children will play in the shade of a mango tree at the end of a good day in school and the elders will watch over them." It seems that the dreaming of the last couple of years is coming to reality. How wonderful it is that the people of Sierra Leone can partner with brothers and sisters in North America to make this happen.

beim said...

In our prayers. It seems like just yesterday we were at your place and you were making hilarious pictures with our kids on your laptop. We are covering you with prayer, and look forward to staying in touch with you this way.

Press on, we miss you and love you.

matthew, bev, and the girls

Justine said...

It's so nice to see a little bit of what's going on there.
The trees were one of the coolest things for this Albertan to experince in Ghana.... so big, strong and beautiful... not to mention producers of fresh accesible mangoes and papa fruit.

peace and blessings to you in these weeks to come.

Jaclyne said...

what a beautiful place. i wish i could come visit you! the drafting by candlelight looks quite peaceful actually. these people couldn't have asked for a better person to design their school and spend the next seven months with. i hope things are going well. take care ash

Pimpy said...

Hey Asher,
This is Pimpy; the son of J.K Sesay in Kabala. Did you guys start digging the borehole? How did it go? It is so great to see the school project taking off; you are doing a wonderful job. Justine told me about your blogspot, and I want to say hi and see how things are going with you. Say hi to JT Koroma (the future headmaster. He is my uncle by the way. When I was talking to your dad about who should be the headmaster of the school he was the person I could think of, apparently he is the future headmaster) for me, and say hi to my dad for me. If you have difficulties handling any problem or wants a second opinion about anything, fell free to e-mail me @ Keep doing the great job. Thank you. Take care.


How fast is the internet there?

Dennis said...

The other morning at breakfast we noticed the hint of new buds on the maple tree beside the house and a haze of red on the trees at the far end of the fields....promises of springtime.
As the maple changes over the next months we will be thinking of the changes taking place around the great mango tree in Kabala...promise and hope for a new school soon.
It is all too sweet for words.