Saturday, January 20, 2007

Drafting by Candlelight

So I have begun sketching and thinking of ideas in discussions with many people in the community here in Kabala. JT Koroma, the future headmaster and I spent several hours traversing the school site and thinking of ideas. I am attempting to process this and come up with drawings which we can use to continue forward. Because the generator usually only runs between 9 and 4 I have to cram in my use of the internet to that time, and have a few hours of battery life on my computer to draft in the evening before I switch to candlelit, hand drafting and sketching. It will take getting used to having to adjust from my normal school working hours which are normally 8pm-2am.
We are hoping to have some construction started on the school property by the Monday (23rd), getting a borehole dug and well setup so we can use the water to begin making bricks. The location of the well will also play a key role in the layout of the school so this is an important decision. For security purposes we will also be constructing a warehouse of sorts from wood and zinc that will hold materials and tools on the site, guarded by a nightwatchman. This way we can avoid tranportation to and from the site every morning and the costs associated with that.
The next few weeks will see some challenging and exciting decisions being made and progress to be seen!


daniel brouwer said...

Sounds good so far Asher. We'll be praying for you, take care man.

kevin and maryjoan said...

I saved this draft (and found it now) b/c we wanted to send this out to you way back in January but didn't quite have a Google account here it is now since your dad hooked us up while they were here visiting!

"It was good to hear from Dennis and Jenny the morning they spoke to you on how you were doing. We are so happy for you to be able to use the gifts that God has given to you. What a blessing you will be there! We continue to pray for you daily...especially during our children's prayers. Camryn is so excited that you are building a school for Nyima and her little friends. She can't wait for Nyima to use her Dora backpack that she gave to her when she goes to Kindergarten. It's so cute! We look forward to hearing more from you. God's blessings to you and keep you in His care!"

Kevin, Mary Joan and our 3 little Island Hoppers