Monday, January 29, 2007

At Last

The first move. After contract and locations discussions yesterday, we have finally begun digging the well, the first sign of the future of this site. The land is not rocky, but there is a crusty layer of sedimentary rock in the area around the proposed well location. But fortuitously not in the precise location where we had been thinking it would stand. So as of today there is a hole 1800mm across by about 500mm deep. They say within a week they should have hit the water table and within three we will have a fully functioning hand pump fitted for submersible pump attachment once there is power. It is exciting to see the earth finally being moved. I took a stroll around the site to visit three of the nearby schools and imagine the new buildings fitting into that landscape.
Also had my first driving experience in Kabala with the CES truck. Filled up the cab and part of the back with about 15 people to drive to church. No one seemed to mind and I think I’ll be used to the potholed bumpy roads pretty soon.


Amy said...


Amy said...

and by amy, i mean elly. i am on my friend's account.

beim said...

oh man, that is too sweet. picturing you driving a loaded truck! always in our prayers

Lynn Anne said...

Hey Asher,
Keep up the good work you are doing! I keep my dad updated with your blogs and he is looking forward to coming. Trust me, you will get used to the potholes and when you come home, you might even miss them. Blessings,

Lynn Groot