Thursday, May 17, 2007

Waiting for the pictures to load...

Fortunately for us we have had a little bit of a break from rain. Apparently the rains come for a few days consecutively and then will leave off for several weeks before they start again in earnest. So I guess that time is coming to an end soon. But once the blocks, even mud blocks are set in mortar there is not much threat to the building. Only a small threat to the extra blocks we will store on the site for future buildings. While Mozel is gone for a few days, I am excerting some authority to get some jobs done that have been nagging us for weeks sitting unfinished: slabs, drainage, stairs... By monday three of five crews will be ready to build their roofs which means I have more materials to get in Freetown so we have something to put on it once it is finished. We are planning on going with very durable corrugated roofing sheets. It will be a brilliant red!

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