Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Playing by the rules

So my self titled football club has advanced to the finals of their invitational tournament! There is just one hitch. None of the teams quite paid attention to the rules that were set out before the games that there were no ties and so points did not matter, neither did goals. After the first round, winners advance losers are out. no questions. Sometimes that even means that the best two teams may not always make it to the final. So because they didn't follow these rules there was a tie, and as often happens the team that beat the AD Stars at first lost in the second game and so are very angry that they are out, despite having less the same amount of points and less goals. So who knows now when the final will be and how many more games these guys want to decide who wins. It could go on forever because how often are teams actually satisfied with the result if they lose? This afternoon we will decide what should happen. Nevertheless a good experience for these guys organizing it to know what it takes to make things run smoothly.
As I speak the final slab is getting poured finally connecting all the buildings together. Timber has arrived, is currently being coated in creosote to preserve it from Termites and will start going up on the corner building tomorrow. Nasty chemicals, but very necessary. It is a busy time now with each crew working on different jobs and us needing to provide a wide range of materials to keep them all supplied and happy.


Anonymous said...

Is the "net" in the background of that picture three branches attached to each other? That is awesome! I'm so impressed by how fast things are going. Great job!

Danny Nagtegaal

Asher deGroot said...

you bet, some branches dug into the ground with the fork up and two pieces spliced across for the top. It does the job.

kevin and maryjoan said...

Hi Asher!

What amazing and beautiful progress of the school. The pictures are great...so is having a team named after you. How honoring that is! Go AD Stars go! So how did the invitational tournament go that you sponsored? Did you get a chance to play a few games at least?
Many blessings to you and continued prayers from all of us here.
Mary Joan