Monday, May 14, 2007

The AD Stars

(photos to come... still not working)
so unbeknownced to me, a football club was started by some kids who I have played ball with a bunch of times at the "cow yard" field here in Kabala. Also without my knowledge they named the team the AD Stars: A for Asher, D for deGroot. Anyhow. So I am now sponsoring an invitational tournament (of the same name) this coming weekend. Hopefully I will have time to play a game or two with the guys. I can hold my own, especially considering they are all about 5-6 years younger than me. I'm looking for my second goal in a game on african soil. Not bad for having played about 4 games. In talks with the headmaster of the new school, JT Koroma, we have decided it would be a good idea for this team to be a connected to the school in some way. So their jersey's which I purchased belong to the school, but the primary school will always have this team as their sponsor team in the leagues in Kabala. More free labour for the school for when we want to clear our own field, as well as other jobs around the campus.
I cannot over emphasize how exciting it is to see the building really come together in the last weeks. With the ramp up to resource room all the building will be accessible. While I fight off comments that this really should be a university, I am comforted by the thought that we are reallly making this primary school a one of a kind place for children to get a superior education and experience.


Anonymous said...

Such an interesting comment: "should be a university." I think the best education is built on a foundation that's strong and broad. Start with class one. It will be an example to others if we pour so much educational care to nourish the early years. The real test will come in about 7 years from Sept.

At the same time, it suggests that "we" can't stop with an elementary school as we work together with parents and teachers in SL to (re)think how, why (when and where) and what to learn.

Jo Kuyvenhoven

Justine Ann said...

that's so awesome Asher.