Thursday, March 28, 2013

"You are an African Princess!!"

“You are an African Princess!!.” This was enthusiastically stated by a JSS 1 boy to Caitlin after seeing her with ‘planted’ hair.  Not wanting to miss out on such compliments, all 4 girls now have their new hair style (pic to come soon).
We are still having a great time!  All are safe and well.  Today was our last day witnessing classes at the school as Easter break starts tomorrow.  We were able to read the SCS ‘buddy’ books to the classes, collect all the remaining letters, observe in classes, read different stories to classes, and even teach some computer lessons to CRC staff members.  Our time at CRC school each day has really been a blessing in so many ways. 
On Wednesday we went around to different schools in the town to ‘bring greetings’ from CRC School, and also walk around and see what other schools in the area are like.  It was a real eye-opening experience first of all to see the conditions that other schools are in, but also to hear them talk so positively about CRC Primary and Junior Sec. School.  Every school we visited referred to CRC as a ‘partner’ or ‘sister’ school because of the fact that it shares workshops, resources, and other things with them.
The girls have now begun their youth conference, run by TPFSL (The Peoples Foundation For Sierra Leone).  This NGO, which among other things provides scholarships for post-secondary education, and is now registered nationally in SL.  It was started by Krissy Bucholtz, a member of Kabala Team #1. During the 3 day conference (held at CRC School), the girls will work with local youth on articulating problems and potential solutions for a variety of topics.  They will also play soccer, perform at a talent show, dance, and celebrate together on Sunday night. 
Thanks so much for your thoughts and prayers! Blessings to you,
Team 4.


Julia Witter said...

I absolutely love the pictures and updates off this blog! It gives us a small glimpse of what life’s been like for you for the past two-ish weeks. I will be waiting impatiently for a photo of all the girls and their cornrows to come up! I'm praying for everyone and hoping your trip has been full of amazing adventures and experiences. Although I'm sure no one on the team is ready to come home just yet, we all miss you very much here. I'm sending my love to the girls especially! I cannot wait to see you all again, and for you to share your stories.
Being back at school without you is just not the same. My friends and I miss your smiling faces and laughs in the classroom and hallways.
God bless, and come home safe!
Thanks for the updates.

Julia Witter said...
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