Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Kushe Kushe!

Greetings to everyone in Canada….
We have truly enjoyed our first few days in Sierra Leone!  It’s been a wonderful trip so far….so many stories and events to tell, but we only have time (and the battery/internet power at the moment) for a very quick update. 
We were warmly greeted by driver extraordinaire Bilalie – and the Land Cruiser – at the airport.  After a long ferry/car ride up to Kabala, we received a wonderful welcome, complete with rice and sauce, from Reverend Bahago, Reverend Ezekiel, and their families.  JT Koroma was also there as his usual warm and energetic self. 
Monday morning was our first day at the school, and we were able to witness a great 1 hour long welcome assembly complete with speeches and welcome songs.  The staff and students have been extremely appreciative of the gifts we brought along: an electric piano, 2 computers, and individual gifts for each staff member.
The girls have settled in very nicely with their homestay families!  Anna and Caitlan are staying with two CRC teachers (who are married) named Mahmoud and Namisa Marah.  Malissa and Kaitlyn are staying with Daniel Koroma (a longtime CES worker) and his wife Sunkarie.  Both houses are close to the school, and also to each other. 
The girls have had a great experience at the school thus far!  One highlight has been working with CRC Primary students on promotional and educational videos – about CRC School, life in Kabala, life at home, etc. 
We are happy, busy, learning new things, getting to know new people, and enjoying our time here so far very much! (we are also extremely sticky and sweaty from the heat) 
Thanks so much for all your thoughts and prayers! 
Kabala Team #4

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