Monday, March 17, 2008

Its warm!

Wow the past weekend flew by. We all went to Yarah to attend church and experience 6 baptisms...pretty amazing! The road to Yarah is INSANELY bumpy and many times we doubted if we were going to make it. The title of this blog has two meanings. While we were in Yarah, Kumba make us some cake in the evening after we arrived. Jordan was especially giddy to eat the cake and said the now famous words, "its warm!" Also the weather here has been VERY hot although last night we had a pretty serious rain/wind storm. Today we went to the school and taught lessons about Canada and played with the parachute which made the kids crazy! We are having an awesome time although the mosquito bites are starting to add up.
God bless from sunny Kabala,


Asher deGroot said...

ee wam
I never figured out quite how to write in Krio but speaking it comes easy. Ah the road to Yarra!! Many good memories of that place. I drove the road in the red pickup (4 low, first gear for 6 miles from Badala, then there was a tree in the road which I had to drive around). A nice rain for March too! I think that is early and the farmers will be thankful. Enjoy the week! Allah Tanto.

Dennis said...

Greetings Team #1,

How good to hear from you. It was about a year ago that I made the same trek up to Yarrah. How sweet. Sounds like the friendship is growing and deepening. Makes us humble and grateful for where this is going.

Dennis and Jenny

Pimpy Sesay said...
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