Monday, March 31, 2008

Home is where the heart is - back in Kabala!

We are safely home; and needless to say; had an incredible & life changing journey.
Getting home was very hectic - almost missed some flights, and Jordan's jambee got taken away from him in Toronto - so we are happy to be safe at home at last. However, I know there is a big hole in my heart where my friends and family from Kabala are. It is hard to come home when you feel as if there is now two homes: a foreign one back here in BC, and one where you left your heart, over 3000 miles away in Kabala. I am already excited to travel back and be reunited with my friends & family there. No matter how far away we are; the people of Kabala will always be in our hearts. One of the most important things we learned from this trip is to look at what really matters: God;family;friends. Everything else comes after that. It is still amazing to me how these people who had never met us before could become our very best friends in less than 2 weeks. They opened their hearts to us and showered us with love & blessings from God on high. God is on the move in Africa - and in B.C. - because we will never be the same again. God Bless to our loved ones in Kabala & to all those who helped build this school - it has changed more lives than we will ever be able to fully comprehend.

In Christ;


Asher deGroot said...

I keep thinking that the most appropriate thing to say is... Allah Tanto

Anonymous said...

Agreed... feel the same way about Africa as you guys do

Lynn Groot

Anonymous said...

Lives and hearts grow bigger and rich - while there's a new ache of loss.
I have a questions. I know this probable dates me, but Okay - even googl'ing "jambee" didn't illuminate me. I got helicopters, girls, musicians ... what is it? Having been "detained" several times myself, should I resolve to also avoid jam?
Jo Kuyvenhoven

Visitor's to Kabala said...

Hi Jo,

it's weird to actually talk to you after everyone in Kabala has told me so much about you! I have to say hi to you from so many people it would take all day, so I think a general "Hi" from Kabala would do.

A Jambee is an african drum...
we had them handmade by one of Bockarie's (the class 4 teachers) friends. So needless to say we were pretty upset when Jordan lost his..

Are you travelling back to Kabala soon?


Melanie said...

Google djembe instead :)

Anonymous said...

Hello, folks -
Thanks so much for the update. Did they confiscate it because of the animal skin??
I'll be in Sierra Leone from June 1-August 4th. Looking forward to 3 teacher training workshops and a conference ... as well as all the wonderful things that happen "between."
How marvellous the ways of God - orchestrating all of us together to bring us into a place of learning, joy, heart-growing and kingdom-building together! Thanks to all for being there - and here.
Jo K.

Hannah said...

Hey krissi,
this definetly sums up how I feel to. God bless everyone as we continue to keep the dream alive! God's blessings to our loved ones in Kabala. The school is amazing and has truly impacted the families involved already. I can't wait to see it in 20 years from now!