Wednesday, June 6, 2007

The Distorted Panorama

So here is what the site looked like sometime yesterday afternoon from the Water tank in the centre of the site. Don't worry, although the walls may seem to curve and the floors slope in the image, thats just photoshop! Hopefully it give an idea of what the school will be like from the area where the students will gather. To the right will be two flagpoles! one Sierra Leonean, one Canadian. Already today there are rafters up on all the classrooms. I am overwhelmed trying to think of all the possible things I can prepare before I leave here to leave things in capable hands by the easiest way possible.


Oliver said...

that's amazing asher. good work for you and the team!

Anonymous said...

Asher...we just went over $25,000 in child sponsorships...students donated over $440 in loose change in 1 hour yesterday. We are edging closer.


Anonymous said...

Asher, it looks amazing. Sweet job with the panorama use on the camera.

Danny Nagtegaal