Monday, June 11, 2007

Christening the Field

so yesterday we held our first match on the CRC primary field. AD Stars vs. AD Site. Quality game and a quality field. The one stump remained gave us a few problems but has been removed this morning. The young stars thought they would have no problem with the old guys. But it was a good match. 3-2 Stars at the half. With minutes remaining in the match I tied the game up at 4-4, only to have the AD Stars score a goal off a defensive mistake. We will practice over the next two weeks and have a rematch just before I leave. The site has some good players and I think we will take them when we play again. After all some of the guys have not played in years. All reports say that the field is superb and the guys on site are hoping to make good use of it over the next months with daily training.
My usual pronouncement is that by tomorrow or next tomorrow we will have zinc on the roof. So "by god een powa" we will! The Fascia boards are being prepared today and put up. The plumbing for the administration building began this morning and will be commpleted in a few days. The window and door material has arrived to the welders and he will begin our work today.

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kevin and maryjoan said...

So this AD stars stuff is getting pretty serious down there eh?It sounds like the field will definitely be put to good use after you leave. Awesome! Your photos are great and we can see things taking shape. Thank you Asher for allowing us all to take a sneek peak through your blog of what the Lord is doing there in Kabala. God is soooooo good!

Mary Joan