Thursday, November 15, 2007

its for real

Photos of school in progress continue to come into my mailbox unexpectedly. Every time I am amazed at these children really going to school here. It is not a dream or a project. It is real! And there are textbooks, and resources in the resource centre! Still some shelves to be filled.


Maria said...

wow look at all those books! great to see!

Swallowfield said...

Dec. 28..Asher, your bags are packed and today you will begin a return journey. Snow covers the maple tree but already the red buds show promise of spring....a whole year has gone by. We look forward to hearing about your arrival in Kabala and will imagine the home coming.
Immanuel...God with us. God with you. God here. God there. May God bless you and keep you and make His face shine on you. mom

Mike Todd said...

Dude - those photos are fantastic!

Jessica said...

Hello Asher,
Things look great. This Jessica Kapteyn I was just in Sierra Leone/Kabala. It is great you went to the New Years celebration, we heard so much about it. The pictures are great. Say hi to everyone for me.
I hope all is well.